Michael Stershic

Michael Stershic is the president of Discover Lehigh Valley [formerly the Lehigh Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau], serves as vice-chairman for Lehigh Valley Community Foundation, and is a member of the board of directors for Lehigh Valley EconomicLehigh University Sociology and Anthropology - Michael Stershic Development Corporation.

Sybil Stershic

Sybil Stershic is President and Owner at Quality Service Marketing, a company specializing in internal marketing and communication.

Brittany Modell (BA '12)

Brittany Modell (BA '12) is now working on her Masters in Nutrition Education at Teachers College of Columbia University.

Anna Field (BA '11) and Sarah Tax Wilkins (MA '09)

Anna Field (B.A. '11) and Sarah Tax Wilkins (M.A. '09) sent us a pic from the Qualitative Research Consultants Association conference in New Orleans, LA.

Ted Morrin (BA '08, MA '11)

Ted Morrin (BA '08, MA '11) spoke about his experience in campus social justice activism to Ziad Munson's Social Movements class (see photo at left). He currently works for the Bucks County Adult Probation/Parole Department.

Sociologist finds a home and builds community on campus

In 2012 Heather Johnson, Associate Professor of Sociology, made the decision with her family to sell their house and move into a small apartment in a Lehigh University dorm.


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