Anna Field

Anna Field (B.A. '11) is a Research Manager at Research Partnership, one of the world’s largest independent healthcare market research and consulting agencies. Prior to this position, she was Senior Research Executive at Branding Science in East Windsor NJ. She wrote, "As a market researcher, pharmaceutical companies approach us with specific research questions. In order to answer those, we propose a specific methodology (e.g. one-on-one interviews, focus groups, telephone interviews, quantitative survey) and lay out our research plan very thoroughly. When we win a project, I'm involved with creating screeners - ensuring we recruit the correct respondents - and writing discussion guides. I then attend fieldwork if it's held at a central location and am very involved with report writing which generally is created in PowerPoint. Every day, I'm using my sociology background whether it's ensuring I'm reading solid secondary research as background information or using my knowledge of SPSS to create additional tables for reports."