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Committee on Standing of Graduate Students (SOGS) Petition Form (PDF, May 2013 version)

Please be aware that the SOGS Committee has developed a new Graduate Petition Form. Students must now complete their portion of the form electronically before printing the form to sign and circulate it for departmental/college signatures. We will not have paper copies of this form readily available. When the student indicates the reason for the petition on this new form, the form will automatically update to indicate any supporting documentation the student must include with the petition. It is the hope of the SOGS Committee that this new feature will help prevent the submission of incomplete petitions. Additionally, take note that an official deadline for petition submissions has been established. The Registrar's Office must receive completed petitions by 4:45PM the Thursday before a SOGS meeting in order to ensure that the petition will be reviewed at that meeting. Petitions received after this deadline will be held until the subsequent SOGS meeting.

Masters degree manager

This webpage lists steps needed to complete your MA, required forms and guidelines.