Get Paid to Earn Your Master's in Sociology!

Our Sociology Master’s of Arts program has very attractive funding opportunities. Competitive applicants may qualify for teaching assistantships, which include full tuition and a generous stipend. We also offer financial aid through up to nine academic credits per semester. Lehigh’s Community Fellows Program provides an opportunity to earn a master’s degree in one year while gaining valuable experience working with a local organization.

Lehigh's Sociology M.A. provides training in advanced research and data analysis, as well as sociological theory. Highly engaged faculty prepare graduates for careers in teaching and research, government, business, and social services. The program provides a competitive edge for entering leading Ph.D. programs.

For more information on career possibilities, read the American Sociological Association's 2017 report "What Can I Do With a Master's Degree in Sociology?"

If you have questions about our Sociology M.A. at Lehigh University, please contact Yuping Zhang, graduate director, at


Funds are available to support MA student research and conference participation; see details at