Information for graduate students

The M.A. program in sociology prepares students to apply sociological perspectives and methods to the analysis of social realities. Grounded in a strong theoretical and substantive understanding of social institutions, social relations, and social policy, as well as in advanced research and data analytic skills, students are prepared to be effective and experienced practitioners in the field of applied social research or to continue into doctoral studies in the field.

The M.A. program in sociology requires 30 credits of course work. Most courses are offered in the late afternoon and evening to accommodate students who are working during the day.  The program has four required courses: Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research, Statistics, and Social Theory. Students add six electives to these requirements.  All students take a comprehensive exam and must participate in hands-on research through a) an original thesis project, b) research practicum with an individual faculty member, or c) the university's Social Science Research Center. 

Further details concerning graduate study at Lehigh can be found in the College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Student Handbook, the Graduate info sheet, and information for incoming students.

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Our deadline to apply with financial consideration is January 15.  Applications for admission are accepted on a rolling basis after this date.  Click here to apply.

A typical program for graduate students:

First year, fall semester:

  • SSP 401 Classical Social Theory
  • SSP 410 Statistics for Sociological Inquiry
  • 1 elective

First year, spring semester:

  • SSP 411 Advanced Research Methods: Qualitative
  • SSP 412 Advanced Research methods: Quantitative
  • 1 elective

Comprehensive Exam in May

Second year, fall semester:

  • SSP 413 Research Practicum or SSP 490 Thesis
  • 1 or 2 electives

Second year, spring semester:

  • SSP 413 Research Practicum or SSP 490 Thesis
  • 1-2 electives

Community Fellows Program

We offer a Community Fellows (CF) program for those who are more oriented toward community-based work after completing their MA degree.   We encourage you to explore this option -- click on the link to get more information. The CF Program is completed in one year, which includes attending classes during the summer. If you think the program is a good fit for you, the first step is to complete the application to our M.A. Program in Sociology.