Financial Aid


Financial aid is available for both part and full time students. Request for aid should be made with the application for admission to the program.

Financial Aid Options:

Teaching Assistantships (2 year program): 

  • 9 credits/semester
  • Stipend (2017-2018: $20,800)

Community Fellows Program (1 year program):

  • Community Fellows work for a participating agency for 15hrs/week
  • Fellows are financially responsible for nine credits of graduate school tuition, payable in three installments. Three credits are due in the fall, three in the spring and three in the summer. All other tuition costs are paid by Lehigh University and the partner agency. Financial responsibilities are expected to be similar for the 2017-2018 Fellowship year.

Please see more information on the Community Fellows Program.


Other Financial Aid Options:

  • Fulbright Scholarship (for international students)
  • Scholarship Credits
  • 50/50 Tuition Remission