2014 thesis research presentations

On Monday, April 28, students from our department presented original research from their thesis projects.

BA Students

  • Jenny Alpert: "A Critical Analysis of Food Guides in the United States from 1894-1992"Lehigh University Sociology and Anthropology - BA students posing
  • Jimil Ataman: "Active or Alienated? An Exploration of Apathy and Activism in Student Culture on an American College Campus"
  • Michelle Choi: "Desperate Times Lead to Desperate Measures: A Cross-National Analysis of Unemployment and HIV Prevalence Among Women in Less Developed Nations"
  • Joe Rendon: "A Case Study of an International NGO based on the Working Group on Ethics Guidelines for Global Health Training (WEIGHT) and the Importance of Partnerships" 
  • Jill Sibio: "The Transformation of Italian Foods and Foodways during Late 19th and Early 20th Century Italian Migration to the United States"


MA students Lehigh University Sociology and Anthropology - MA students

  • Alessandra Bazo-Vienrich: "In College and Undocumented: An Analysis of the Educational Trajectories of Undocumented Students in North Carolina"
  • Joseph Wang: "Unraveling Development of Underdevelopment : Examining the Impact of Foreign Investment on Economic Growth across Income Groups, 1997-2011"
  • Noelle Smart: "Becoming 'Bros': Hegemonic Maculinity and Peer Influence in the Hazing Rituals of College Fraternities"
  • Natalya Surmachevska: "Glaucoma Care in Low Resource Environments"


Congratulations to these graduating students on bringing their research to fruition.