Students seeking admission to the Master's program are evaluated based on:

  • Undergraduate record
  • GRE's - general test
  • Recommendation letters
  • Quality and appropriateness of personal essay

There is no fixed cut-off for GRE scores or GPA.  We consider all of your materials together to make our best judgment of fit with the program and likelihood of success.

For international students, we require minimum TOEFL scores of:  Composite 96; Reading 26; Listening 20; Speaking 24; and Writing 26.  Students who do not meet all of these minimum scores but have strong overall applications may be admitted with the requirement that they take ESL courses upon arrival at Lehigh.  The TOEFL requirement may be waived if a student has completed a degree program at an English-only university in an English-speaking country.

We look particularly for evidence of outstanding ability in social sciences and in quantitative reasoning, as well as for motivation and direction in the choice of a graduate program. Admission to the program requires undergraduate preparation in sociology, social psychology, or a related field and at least one research methods course and one statistics course. For promising applicants who lack these prerequisites, additional preparation is required and should be discussed with the graduate advisor.

Applications are reviewed by a faculty committee, which decides together on admissions. In some cases, specific faculty members whose research interests correspond with those of an applicant are consulted for their assessment of the application.

Applicants to the Masters program who are interested in the Community Fellows option within the program should include a letter indicating their interest in the Community Fellows Program with their application. There is no direct application to the Community Fellows Program. Students who are admitted to the Masters program can then be matched to an agency, contingent on availability and mutual interests.

Application  The deadline for applying to our program as a full time student is January 1.

After January 1, all applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis for admission to the program

To contact us with your questions, write to:

We look forward to hearing from you!